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Super Skunk (CBD: 5.32%)

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Name: Super Skunk
Grown: Indoor
Origin: Italy
Bud Size: Medium / Large
Description: From the hybridization of Acapulco Gold strain, Colombian Gold and two Afghani varieties. A perfect 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. Unlike the original skunk which was predominantly Sativa.

Super Skunk has inherited not only the physical characteristics of Original Skunk, but also its penetrating smell and its ability to release these rapidly, the moment the buds are crushed by hand or shredded by a grinder. Its strong notes of jasmine meet with the scent of musk and earth. A strong smell that has made her famous and led to her being loved and appreciated.

This flower is famous for the huge amount of colored trichomes and pistils and colors which are mostly yellow and orange due to the pistils, which are working non-stop on producing cannabinoids.

CBD: 0.24 %
CBDA: 5.80 %

THC: 0.06 %
THCA: 0.12 %
CBC: 0.06 %
CBG: 0.12 %
CBN: 0.01 %

TOTAL CBD: 5.32 %
TOTAL THC: 0.17 %

Product Description: Potpourri

The content is for potpourri and souvenir purpose and is NOT for human consumption. We care about our world and the nature which created us. The content is grown in Europe, under European regulations. No pesticides, only biological products and beneficial organisms. The bag is fully compostable and 100% biodegradable in just 66 days. The bag is 100% GMO free and made from renewable material