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Sunrocks (CBD: 71.53%)

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Name: Sunrocks
Grown: Indoor
Origin: Italy
Description: Derived from Moonrock, Sunrock's principle is the same concept as Moonrock, except that it is dipped only in hemp oil and CBD crystal, not pollen. As a result, its appearance is white instead of green. Crystal is the purest derivative on the cannabidiol market, Sunrock contains no less than 70 percent CBD, making it a highly concentrated product priced for its quality. Like Moonrock, the buds transform and look like small pebbles. Top-quality buds, harvested when ripe and then dried with just the right amount of moisture to retain maximum cannabinoids, terpenes, and aroma.

CBD: 71.53 %
THC: 0.19 %
CBC: 0.90 %
CBG: 0.53 %
CBN: 0.30 %

Product Description: Potpourri

The content is for potpourri and souvenir purpose and is NOT for human consumption. We care about our world and the nature which created us. The content is grown in Europe, under European regulations. No pesticides, only biological products and beneficial organisms.