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Hindbærbrus (0.25l)

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Name: Hindbærbrus
Style: Soft Drink
Size: 0.25l.
Description: We love our raspberry soda. Its beautiful red color, and its natural and intense aroma and taste, like a thousand sweet, red raspberries in liquid soda form. Naturfrisk Hindbærbrus is a simple and summery soft drink that does well on the birthday table or if you just want to treat yourself. Naturally fresh raspberry soda is naturally organic, just like everything else we make.

When Nicolai Rømer asked his father, Niels, in the 1990s, why there was no organic cola, Niels got an idea, and the search to find the perfect place to produce their own organic soft drinks began. After a long search, the choice fell on the defunct Ørbæk Brewery on East Funen, which was originally built back in 1906. In 1996 they bought Ørbæk Brewery, and in 1997 they began production and sales of the world's first organic soda.

NOTE* Only available as bike delivery in Copenhagen or pick up from Baldersgade 48 and Hospitalsvej 4.