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Daydream (CBD: 16.92%)

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Name: Daydream
Grown: Indoor
Origin: Italy
Description: Daydream aka. Burbuka has a dark suede color and are firm at room temperature. A tribute to the well-known Moroccan hash that dominated European markets for decades. An important cannabinoid presence is expressed with a subtle hazy aroma which opens up the nostrils to a mellifluous aroma of dried apricots and thyme.

CBD: 16.92 %
THC: 0.11 %
CBC: 0.94 %
CBG: 0.36 %
CBN: 0.00 %

Info: Daydream is compressed and processed trichomes from hemp plant, also known as hashish.

Product Description: Potpourri

The content is for potpourri and souvenir purpose and is NOT for human consumption. We care about our world and the nature which created us. The content is grown in Europe, under European regulations. No pesticides, only biological products and beneficial organisms. The bag is fully compostable and 100% biodegradable in just 66 days. The bag is 100% GMO free and made from renewable materials.