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Club-Mate Cola (0.33l)

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Name: Club-Mate Cola
Style: Soft Drink
Size: 0.33l.
Description: A member of the Club-Mate family is an extraordinary taste adventure for the cola enthusiast who never relaxes the demands of his cola drinkClub-Mate is a slightly sweet and balanced drink, which with its bubbling fullness and refreshing effect is suitable for any occasion. Brewed on the naturally caffeinated and nourishing leaves of the South American yerba-mate plant, Club-Mate manages to awaken the mind and stimulate the body in the best possible way. Surrounded by an enigmatic mystery, the yerba mate plant is attributed a healing and magical effect, which also makes the drink an indispensable part of South American culture on an equal footing with coffee.

Originally, the plant was consumed by brewing a hot tea with a bitter touch, but in the early 1920s, the leaves' journey from the dense, South American jungle to the Bavarian outskirts of Germany resulted in an extraordinary outcome. The soft drink, which we know today as Club-Mate, was put into production, and since the takeover of the license in 1994, the family brewery Brauerei Loscher has brewed the popular and unique drink to perfection.

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