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Legal notice


Cannabis is number one on list A in the Executive Order on Narcotic Drugs. However, since 23 June 2020, both the plant itself and the extract have not been covered by the Executive Order when the content of THC is below 0.2%.

Should your hemp still be of interest to the police, we recommend that you ask for a receipt for the seizure and insist on an analysis of the contents.

It is the job of the police to prove that your hemp has a content of THC that exceeds what is allowed. If it does not, you must not pay a fine or accept another punishment, and the event must not be visible on your criminal record.

As it's stated in § 1, para. 3, no. 7 in Executive Order 2020-06-23 no. 950 on narcotics:

"Euphoric drugs do not include:
Plants and plant parts of the genus [cannabis] listed in List A as No. 1 and preparations made from plants or seeds of the same genus, if the plant, plant part or preparation has a tetrahydrocannabinol [THC] content not exceeding 0,2%. "